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Tailore-made Decorations

I’m not afraid of working with wood, flowers, concrete, lace, paper… I can work with any material you think of. Have a look at my portfolio and start dreaming. You’ll never hear from me the “I can’t do that” phrase.

Whenever I try to explain what you can expect from tailor-made decoration, I’m thinking of myriads of things. Imagine a hand-made invitation card, that’s a small tailor-made decoration too. It may include various name tags and menus, not only from paper, printed materials, flower decoration hanging above a buffet, decoration hangers for newly-weds, extraordinary garlands for various occasions, or candy bar sticks. All decorations can include embossing or stamping technique. Most of all, I enjoy combining things that seem un-combinable, such as concrete and flowers. Do you want to join me?