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At the time we planned our wedding, we had various ideas that we weren’t able to interconnect. That’s why we contacted Monika, and on our first meeting, we already knew that our wedding was going to be amazing and according to our wishes. We trusted her right away. Monika made for us a fantastic tailor-made decoration with lots of beautiful details. Everything was perfect and we were excited. Monika also took the role of a coordinator, which let us enjoy our wedding to the fullest as we didn’t have to worry if everything was going according to plan. Monika isn’t only a great arranger and coordinator but at the same time an amazing person. Thank you, Monika!


Jana a Daniel Rada, Villa Pellé

You can choose a hotel, restaurant, wedding salon, agency and you can get the services you expect. Or you can invite Monika. It’s not primarily her that you can see during the preparations, it’s her work. Elegant, sophisticated, aiming at your taste and environment. She makes the details you could miss a part of a story, from invitations to a wedding menu. Even if you’ve already chosen ingredients, she can use them and fine-tune them in a way you’d never think of. All this wouldn’t be possible without smooth communication with all people involved. What was left for us to do? Enjoy that unique day! Thank you, Monča…


Monika a Jirka Ferdovi

It’s never easy to plan a Wedding, especially the one that will take place in a different country, Because Me and my husband , we both live in London so it’s even harder to put your trust on someone with who you only talked on skype, phones and Facebook Messenger :))

I wasn’t the easiest bride ! But from day one, she took my every silly requests and ideas , and the most crucial part was changing the Wedding Venue in the last minute ( 3 weeks before a Wedding day!). Monika puts an amazing amount of attention to details, she was there until the end of our wedding to make sure that everything went perfect. Monika wasn’t just the Wedding planner, she was also our  Wedding Designer and Wedding Coordinator! It sound like a commercial, but it’s just that I don’t know how to express our gratitude for Monika that made our wedding day absolutely perfect, We could never dream of such a magical experience. So BIG THANK YOU!!


Huyen and Duc, Boscolo Prague

Monča aka the Creative Mom helped us design and create special invitations for our wedding. She didn’t only discuss every step with me to know my exact wishes. She also chose the most suitable material, and as her name says – she really was creative. First, she sent the proposal for us to approve it and only later the complete order. We received a small gift with every package and we used one of them for our wedding name tags. If you want to stand out from the crowd, it seems it really is about being creative. That’s what makes Monča exceptional. I’ll definitely use her services again and I’m telling you that if you want to remember your special day, ask her! You won’t regret!


Kateřina a Jakub Veverkovi

Above expectations. These words characterize Monika’s work. You can feel that she loves her job and does it with great care. I ordered a box of flowers for the Mother’s Day. It was perfectly arranged, lasted very long, and made a great impression on my mom. It’s already 3 weeks and the flowers still look like in the garden. I warmly recommend. From now on only flowers from Monika.



My wife aka the Creative Mom… Working with her is always fun. Every time I think I know what she expects, I fail miserably. 😀 She doesn’t hesitate to ask for my help, but as she alone knows best what she has in mind, she ends up doing it herself. It’s a pleasure to help her with her work, as I can see her make something exceptional from anything. Each piece is original and perfectly fine-tuned. So that’s why I have time to watch a good movie when she’s working hard in the studio. I can only say one thing to potential customers: you won’t believe it until you try! Original is still only one.

Martin Kukoľ

Monika’s attitude to work is primarily personal, and it’s a pleasure to work with such a positive and cheerful person. The result of her work is always a big surprise to us. Monika puts her heart into her work and that’s why she won our hearts too.

Kristýna Majerová a Denisa Winzigová