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Our beautiful wedding is over, life in front of us. Just a pity that the day ran sooo terribly fast! It came to me as a shortened version of the day. But we would’t change a minute. Everything worked great, the weather was nice and the atmosphere was great. What else could you wish for? …just beautiful and happy fulfilled life.

Now I plan to overwhelm the creative mother with everything, what I’ve worked on for so long, but  couldn’t share my creations earlier. I had to keep some surprise for our wedding guests! If you are planning a wedding you are on the right place!

So here and now we start! And I’ll start with the origami cranes, because I was really afraid from them. Like, will I have enough time to hang them (with my family members help) or how we will pack them or even how to carry 1100 cranes! Yes, the number is not a mistake. We had a lot of cranes on our wedding. They had to be hanged, carried to my mum’s place some 400km and then to carried to our wedding venue (and the same way back). Not counting their trip from the US! They survived and now I have to find out what to do with them. But I’m having the same issue with my wedding dress 🙂

What you will need?

Monika & Martin Kukolovi_Pripravy_Zmensene_179

Cranes. A lots of cranes! If you plan your wedding a year ahead, you have to make at least 3 origami cranes a day. No problem at all you may think. But if you live under one roof with a small kid, two Italian Greyhounds and a man (think – 3rd kid), it wont be that easy. Thus I found a solution! I ordered them from the US, from Helena on Etsy. This was the easier part. I expected 1000 cranes and got 1100 cranes. The more the better? They were packed in a small plastic bag. Why do I mention this? Because I really thought that I’ll get a big box! It didn’t. Only one small white plastic bag. These cranes were much cheaper than those made in the CR, even though our custom office is really mean and wanted far too much money for a plastic bag filled with paper. Barbarian. When you have all your cranes, you will need as well good nerves, quite some time and/or volunteers plus:




glue (I usually use Herkules)

meter or its equivalent

an aluminum foil (for packing)

something heavy to the ends if you plan to hang them and you are worried that they will be tangled

Step by step:
  1. Cut silon, but consider some reserve so you can hang them well. I cut 3m long silon and on each hanged 20 cranes in 10cm spacing.

2. Hang cranes on silon via their bellies.

3. Now the fun begins. You must glue one cranes after another below their belly (as you can see on the picture below) in regular spacing. I used a small piece of paper instead of meter. I though it will speed up the process. So I though 🙂 Hercules glue is great in one think. After it dries it is colorless and hold things well.




The entire family was working on my dream 🙂



4. Then we were hanging origami cranes in our flat everywhere!

5. Finally we packed them into an aluminum foil from which we made small pockets. This part was quite fast (the only one).


It was long time run, but it was absolutely worth it!

Monika & Martin Kukolovi_Pripravy_Zmensene_177

Have a good day!