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The Creative Mother is a mum who creates and hand make decorations for weddings, celebration, banquets, any interior and many more.

The Creative Mother does not have boundaries. She can climb a tree, roof or to the highest ladder ever just to make the decoration perfect. She can work on an invitation for two days and then throw it from a window, just because it is still not good enough. All must be perfect and original or she wont be satisfied with herself.

After all her life twists and turns she stays firmly on the ground…she doesn’t accept the words “no, it is not possible”.

Monika, Kreativní matka

A designer, arranger, decorator, Emilka’s mum, wife…so actually The Creative Mother.

Few years back I didn’t think that I would be able to work to make other people happy and that this reality will make happy too. As life goes my life turned up side down by meeting my husband Martin. I gave a birth to my daughter and our wedding definitely broke the stick over what I wanted to do in my life – to give joy. At that time I just didn’t know how.

I really made our wedding special by making a lot of things. Invitations, schedule and timetable for our wedding guests, gifts, nametags, origami cranes, crosswords, hangers for clothes…what ever you can think of. When I saw that some of the items made our guest cry, I knew that the long night hours at my creative workshop were worth it.

All my free time during my parental leave which I had (until now I have never understood why it is called a parental holiday in my country) I dedicated to a creative workshop to escape from the stereotype on the parental leave. The Creative Mother helps me to escape from mum tired, depressed or burned out. All these not ideal mums had been wiped away with The Creative Mother, who gives joy…

How does it work?


1. Consultation
First consultation is for free. You will tell me your desire, plans, expectations, which I will use to prepare a proposal and approximate calculation. I can even come to you and we can discuss everything you wish in your living room. Such a trip around Prague and its surroundings is for free. If you are live further away, there will be some travel expenses. At certain times I can be reached at Morava or eastern Slovakia for free.


2. Design and graphic design
I can make all kinds of prints for your celebration, event, wedding or a party. It can also be Christmas cards, nametags, wedding invitations…everything you can think of. Your celebration will then have a unified visual style.


3. The process of working
All my work is usually done behind close doors, but if you would like to see the Creative Mum during her work or to talk about possible shades of used color, my door is open for you! Everything I make it is a hand made original.

Would you fancy a creative workshop? Wish you had a bit different teambuilding? Call to The Creative Mum.


4. Installation

I will come to your event and make it all work. In case of more difficult installation (usually those for weddings) I may need to come a day earlier to be able to finish on time. So you can see how your dreams come true.

If you would like to install some decorations on your own, I will make all what’s needed to be done including the instruction and then it is all up to you. 


5. Post the event

In case that The Creative Mum is also the installer, the total cost always includes the after even removal of the entire installation at a preferable time to you.