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Kreativní matka

A designer, arranger, decorator, Emilka’s mum, wife… so actually the Creative Mother

+420 777 323 202

From an invitation to the whole concept

I enrich weddings, celebrations, receptions, parties, exteriors or interiors with original decorations that for each such occasion I tailore.

It’s not just about individual decorations or small decorative items, but about the whole concept. Did you think of having a wedding in a nautical style? Celebration, as in the sixties? I will make it.

Because I make every decoration myself you can be sure about its originality. I am not from porcelain, so I am not afraid to grab a drill, sawmill or climb a tree.



Made to measure

Interior / exterior

From an impulse to the besom

Indeed, I am not a witch, but what we conjure or make together I clean it up afterwards.


Graphic design



+420 777 323 202

Do you plan a celebration and help is needed?

Write to me or call me if you need me…